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AcademicMoves is a comprehensive relocation service offered at no cost* to candidates and new hires at academic institutions. What are "relocation services?" Meaningful and cost-saving assistance at a time you need it most: when weighing an offer, selling your home, selecting a new community, buying a new house, and moving your possessions. We understand that you have to do it fast – and cost effectively.


  • Pre-decision Counseling
  • Community Assessments / Area Tours
  • Home Selling
  • Home Finding
  • Rent vs. Buy Analysis
  • Rental Services
  • Discounted Moving Services
  • Total Personal Move Management

As a candidate for a new position, you are already considering the impact a relocation will have on you, your family, and your finances. As a new hire, you face the arduous task of moving, with all the inherent stress and complications that are a part of the territory. And financial assistace, if even offered, is rarely adequate to cover actual costs.


Your personal AcademicMoves Counselor will manage the entire relocation process for you.



* rental services are fee-based



As your advocate, we provide the unbiased eyes and ears you need when making important life-changing decisions.
Sensitive to the unique needs and timetables within the academic workforce, we safeguard your interests and you remain at arm's length from "the deal." Being independent means we can objectively assess how things are progressing, and easily make corrections. Being independent means you can trust that we're looking out for you.