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Ernie Coshonis

Ernie Coshonis



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Our Mission: To support our clients' staffing initiatives by providing an unsurpassed level of personalized relocation counseling to their candidates, new hires, and transferring employees and families through advocacy, expertise, guidance, resources and solutions.

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Ernie Coshonis is The Talbot Group’s President. He also oversees our moving services operation.


Ernie’s expertise covers the entire household goods move. Ernie reviews the move estimates, helps select the final mover based on price and availability, audits the final invoice for accuracy, and assists with the claims process when necessary. Most importantly, he advocates for your transferee every step of the way. Given the cyclical nature of moves, a huge benefit to Ernie’s advocacy skills are that they’ll be needed most at the very height of the season. More moves occur during the summer than the other three seasons combined; more problems occur then as well. Ernie’s finesse at scheduling for preferred dates, negotiating best terms, problem-solving and feather-smoothing, are all the more critical when all parties are under duress.


Ernie has been in the relocation business for two decades. An avid sports enthusiast, he began by moving professional athletes, and from that grew his company, Home-Team Relocation. The list of professional athletes, coaches, and executives who have benefited from Home-Team’s services is impressive. In 1996 Ernie affiliated with MoveMasters, a fledgling company providing household moving services to academic employees. Under Ernie’s persistent and capable leadership, MoveMasters eventually grew to offer full-move counseling that included rental, buying and selling assistance as well. MoveMasters was absorbed by The Talbot Group and Ernie has been with The Talbot Group ever since.


A consistent presence at conferences, on campuses, and at sports events, Ernie has developed a national reputation for expertise in his field. Ernie is known for his exceptional responsiveness, resourcefulness, and problem solving skills. He is able to calm people down during “crisis moments” in a move like no other.


Prior to his relocation career, Ernie owned his own restaurant in New York City. Today a resident of Florida, his passions for sports and food – although not sports food – haven’t subsided a bit.


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